Azoulal Company

Azoulal Food Importer Company is a nationwide ice cream distributor set out its journey to bring the Libyan market a great and freshly-made luxury ice cream. Azoulal works on the base of direct retail stores delivery and wholesale distribution with the aim of delivering the outstanding ice cream quality to our customers throughout the country of Libya.

Azoulal Co. was established in 2009 in Tripoli as marketing company before join ACM food services group to run with big business acumen. The ice cream business is running exclusively by Azoulal with the aim of maintains very competitive pricing on a broad range of products to suit all our customers' needs.

Azoulal Co. developed this idea based upon local needs after doing some market research on what type of ice cream will be most successful in ours area. We are optimistic that such a venture would be very successful in the country of Libya because of the combination of the medium climate, relatively low competitive threat and high market demand .

Azoulal Co. sell and market a variety of frozen ice cream styles and flavours with natural fruit toppings and artificial flavours which served in cups, cones, sticks and family pack. Azoulal Co. works for distributing the well-known brands as well as quality local vendor products to ensure freshness of ice creams. We are pleased to introduce small part of these products: Nestlé, Walls, Magnum, Al-Naseem, Ben & Jerry, Al-mathaq, Al-Hana and Dolfi.

Equipments at Azoulal

Azoulal Co. has its own network of cooling devices that allocated on properly selected retail stores and grocery to cover a wide region in a pre-planned map with strategy of increasing them annually. Azoulal Co. provide its retail customers with different styles and sizes of cooling devices include, a counter top models, upright models with vary sizes of 120cm to 250cm.